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BIG HAT RODEO is the premier rodeo company primarily servicing the Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Missouri area.  A long standing reputation for producing professional rodeos with an innovative twist makes BIG HAT RODEO performances a lot more than just a rodeo ... "It's a show filled with glamour & glitz, great music & laughter, pageantry & action and more family fun than you can imagine!"
So come for the show, stay for the fun.  BIG HAT RODEO is all about entertainment ... from full rodeos and bull ridings to customized shows with livestock and equipment suitable for everything from movies & TV series to commercials & corporate events. BIG HAT RODEO is the place to find the ultimate rodeo experience for everyone!
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Eventbrite - Great Midwest Pro Rodeo   Friday & Saturday Aug 14-15

Rodeo Headquarters & Business Office

Rudy Calzavara &
Lenora Calzavara Nolan

9903 Kemman Road
Hebron, IL   60034

815/823-3245 mobile--Lenora
815/648-1971 Fax
815/648-1971 Event Information Line

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